Core Values are the essence of a church’s identity. They help to guide the ministry of the church by determining what we consider to be important and worthwhile. 
1.  Christ Centered - We Center our lives on Jesus Christ.

All of us have a spiritual hunger within us that longs to be fulfilled. We believe that it is Jesus Christ alone who can fill the longing and needs of our lives.  Centering our lives on Him is what gives our lives meaning, hope and purpose.

2.  Community -  We build Community through committed, authentic relationships.
Knowing Jesus means learning to know and belong to His followers as well. Getting to know one another happens through spending time with each other.  We place a high value on providing an environment of love and acceptance where we can be honest about our strengths and weaknesses
3.  Character - We grow in Christ-like Character

Growing in our relationship with Jesus and the Christ Followers around us leads to ongoing personal change. We like to use the word ‘transformation’ for this.  From the moment we say “Yes” to following Jesus Christ as our leader, our lives begin to undergo a transformation which impacts our character (the stuff we’re each made of). By following Jesus and His teachings for life, our own character is developed in a way that will in turn impact those around us.

4.  Call - Called to share God’s love with others.

Our purpose at LifeSpring is to lead others into a real, life-changing relationship with Jesus. As we learn to follow Christ together, we want to invite others who are hungering for spiritual meaning to experience the love we have discovered in Jesus Christ. Consequently, we place a high value on having relationship with those who aren’t following Jesus and His teachings. 

5.  Competence - Competently equipped for ministry.

A trademark of Jesus’ life  and ministry was that he served people according to their real needs. At LifeSpring, want to do the same, so we are intentional about developing our gifts to serve others. We’re pretty big on not only helping people discover what their gifts are, but also in helping each other develop those and use them to impact other’s lives both here and around the world.

We also have several "coaching principles" to help guide us as we coach each other in our ministries and lives.  Click the link to see these.